Aggregates are used to fulfil a range of functions during construction – from purely decorative to being a fundamental part of a structure. Some aggregates are an essential part of the concrete mixing process, binding cements and providing overall strength. Other aggregates are used for levelling and creating foundations. But which aggregates are right for the job?

Choosing Aggregates for a Project

At Valley Trading, we keep a variety of useful and decorative aggregates stocked and ready to become part of a new build. Choosing the right aggregate comes down to a variety of factors, including density, cost and aesthetics. Let’s explore some of our aggregates more closely, to see where they’re best suited.

20mm Ballast

This mid-sized aggregate is mixed with coarse sand. When combined with cement in the correct ratio, it makes a perfect concrete mix. The resulting concrete is extremely strong, which makes it ideal for structural foundations and bases.

Pipe Bedding

Pipe bedding is named quite appropriately. This small to mid-sized aggregate is used to lay a level foundation for underground plastic pipes, helping to support them from end to end. Using a looser material also allows the pipes a small degree of movement. This protects the pipes from vibrations and vertical shifting that could crack or shear them, causing underground leaks. This comes in 10mm or 20mm.

Type 1

Type 1 crush is used as a sub base for heavy use areas. Roads, car parks and driveways are usually supported by a fill-in layer of this large aggregate – a high-quality building material for larger projects.

Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is a good material for laying down paving slabs or stones. It is also an excellent mixer, and when combined with other aggregates, sharp sand is an essential ingredient to strong concrete.

Cotswold Chippings

Named for the limestone-rich Cotswolds region, Cotswold chippings are a decorative crushed limestone gravel, perfect for gardens and landscaping.

Soils and Hardcore

Recycled soil is a popular finishing aggregate for fine levelling and landscaping, while recycled hardcore is a high-quality, low-absorbency filling and sub base material.

We operate all over Gloucestershire, mainly in Gloucester, Cirencester, Stroud, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. We collect small and large amounts of construction and demolition waste as part of our skip hire services. Our recycling plant in Tetbury is where we turn waste into new building materials – and we’re very proud to have a (constantly improving) recycling rate of 95%.

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