Professional site clearance is a great benefit to anyone working on a demolition or construction project in need of a quick and effective cleaning process. With efficient equipment and modern machinery, along with highly-trained operators with experience in domestic and commercial clearance, professional site clearance is the answer to the smooth running of construction projects.

What is a site clearance?

Site clearance is the removal of all waste accumulated from an area to ensure that all hazards, dangerous obstructions and general waste are removed for a safer, cleaner working environment.

In the event of future development, or where a previous one has been deconstructed, a site clearance service is often the best solution to remove any unwanted materials and speed up the process of future construction work.

The process

A survey needs to be conducted before any site clearance activity takes place. A report will then be produced, outlining the materials that require removal, as well as the overall process to complete the site clearance. The plan for disposal and any additional considerations, such as the potential effects on the surrounding environment and the disposal of more difficult materials, will all be discussed in the report.

Site clearance will differ with each project, and each will be specific to the site itself. Whether it’s tree waste, brickwork or simply debris, a site clearance requires the right equipment for the safest removal procedure.

With heavy machinery, a fully trained professional must be at hand to operate. This will ensure that any damage to the site is kept to a minimum and construction workers are less likely to sustain any injuries.

A time-saving solution

Clearing a construction site takes time. If you were to take it into your own hands, the task could potentially lead to significant delays to the project if not done correctly. With the help of professionals, the removal procedure is completed with a streamlined plan in mind for better efficiency.

Recycling considerations

It is all well and good removing waste from a site, but where it ends up next is a crucial contemplation. A professional service will include the removal of any materials sensibly, and those that need recycling will head to their next home accordingly. With landfills becoming overcrowded in recent years, recycling has become a source of change to prevent overflowing, and materials, such as aggregates, can easily be recycled into new resources for either the same or new purposes.

The legalities

The right planning and guidance from professionals will protect your business from breaking any laws or regulations set by building authorities. Professionals will hold the relevant licenses to complete the site clearance effectively.

Fly-tipping is a hazardous concern

Fly-tipping is an issue that costs thousands of pounds a year in fines. Even if you have hired professionals to remove the waste for you, you are at risk of fly-tipping and having the waste traced back to you.

Site clearance can help reduce the risk of fly-tipping by taking the waste to a recycling facility or waste ground. With additional mess lying around, you might be harbouring hazardous materials without knowing. All kinds of dangerous materials could be lurking, such as asbestos, paints, oils and more. A professional site clean will remove and dispose of it with legalities in mind.

The importance of a professional site clearance

Professional site clearance is a service that simply can’t go ignored. At Valley Trading, we solve the problem of tricky and costly disposal by providing an efficient and cost-effective construction waste removal service.

Our site clearance solutions can be specially tailored to suit a range of sites. We offer site clearance and waste collection services for a variety of materials, including soil, sand, aggregates, recyclable building materials, concrete and tarmac. We can also remove inert material and green waste for disposal to licensed facilities in full accordance with all EU regulations.

Here at Valley Trading, we offer a full range of vehicles to suit your site clearance requirements and accessibility. Providing a reliable and quality site clearance service depends on having the right vehicles. With our extensive fleet of modern eight-wheel tippers, we can remove and dispose of construction waste quickly and effectively. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can support your site clearance needs.