When undertaking a project, either domestic or commercial – the production of waste as a byproduct is inevitable. Disposing of this ethically does not have to be a chore – with skip hire to suit your acute needs.

Of course, depending on the nature of your project – your method of waste disposal will be affected, due to regulations surrounding the safe disposal of items such as asbestos, gas cylinders and solvents, to name a few.

So, knowing this – we’ve compiled a handy list of what you should and shouldn’t be putting in your hired skip – what size of skip you will need and how many bin bags you can fit into your skip hired from Valley Trading.

What you should and shouldn’t put in your skip

Generally, the rule of thumb is to avoid electrical items such as fridges. These sort of items are disposed of separately as they need degassing, due to their degrading properties.

We can take white goods, such as washing machines, dishwashers and cookers, to name a few.

As well as white goods, we can take plasterboard – at an additional cost, and tyres at an additional cost. Items such as batteries, paints (emulsion, but not gloss), can be included in general waste. 

Due to the reports surrounding the danger of asbestos, companies are now required to comply with the law and dispose of the material by a specialist contractor. These can either be instructed directly or through your local council. It is very important not to mix this with any other material in your skip.

Which size skip should I hire?

Skip hire can range from a mini skip, holding up to 25 rubbish bags, to a 40-yard skip, holding up to 400 bin bags. In addition to these – there are many variations in between, that suit a variety of bespoke needs.

In addition to their different sizes, skips can be issued in different types, including open, closed, drop and RO / RO.

Ultimately, the size and types of skip you need will depend on the job in question – including the size and content of it. To take a closer look at these sizes – click here.

Can I hire a skip in my area?

As a skip hire company offering comprehensive waste disposal services to a number of locations in the UK, including all the areas in and around Cheltenham, Bath, Swindon and North Bristol – we aim to offer the highest quality service, from delivery into most areas suitably sized, to pick up in our specialised rear loading skip truck, which is able to be controlled remotely – offering the driver increased visibility in order to avoid any unnecessary damage to both the skip and the immediate surrounds.  

For a more comprehensive list of skip hire locations, please click here.

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