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Here at Valley Trading we are acutely aware of our corporate social responsibility as a waste management company to offer sustainable and environmentally advantageous alternatives to landfill. We work hard with our chain of suppliers and partners to ensure that we are doing all we can to reduce the total amount of waste that ends up at landfill sites. At present, we are proud of our total recycling rates which are at 95%.

Why we all should be reducing waste that is sent to landfill

Not only are landfill sites an environmental eyesore, but there are also many practical reasons why sending waste to them is bad. The three main reasons are that they emit worrying levels of greenhouse gases such as methane, toxins occurring in particular products lead to long-term issues for the area and finally the production of leachate – a highly toxic liquid – can lead to further problems.

Greenhouse Gases

As we all know, greenhouse gases are harmful to the environment as they cause global warming. This is achieved through the extreme production of carbon – which as a chemical removes oxygen from the air. These carbon bi-products are leading to the breakdown of our Ozone layer which filters out the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Consequently, the more greenhouse gas produced, which occurs when organic waste material decomposes, the more harmful UV rays will reach the Earth’s surface. This can have catastrophic effects such as raining, temperatures and sea levels and also increasing our risk of skin cancer.

Toxic Waste

Certain products contain toxic material that when sent to landfill can have a disastrous and long-lasting effect on the surrounding area. For instance, many electrical items, such as televisions, laptops, computers and phones are full of toxins such as acid, lead, mercury and PVC. When these substances break down these materials can infect the environment around a landfill site, meaning that the soil, groundwater and vegetation are themselves toxic and will remain environmental hazards for many years.

Resultantly, the area around the landfill site is rendered harmful for both humans and animals and cannot be cultivated, habited or put to any other use. Meaning that the geographical area that a landfill site effects is much wider that the what we can see.

The Production of Leachate

Leachate, by definition, refers to the liquid that leaches from a landfill site. Being a general term, leachate itself varies enormously in makeup and depends entirely on what waste is sent to a particular landfill site. This variety leads to many different consequences.

Being a liquid is of particular concern as leachate can and does often pollute groundwater, waterways and surrounding farm land. All of which can have a harmful consequence on humans as it can result in the consumption of leachate.

Landfill Reduction

At Valley Trading we are proud to be actively involved in reducing landfill. Due to our large fleet of skips, skip trucks, RO/ROs, tippers and grab lorries, we can offer innovative and complete waste management solutions for both longer term and one-off basis.

Our recycling rates speak for themselves and we are constantly trying to improve on our already remarkable level of total recycled waste. If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or landfill reduction methods then please fill in an online quote form or get in touch today.



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