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Polyvinyl Chloride – also known as PVC – is the main material used today for pipes, fittings, window and door frames (rigid PVC). With such prevalence, it is unsurprising that it has become the second largest commodity to do date. As such, it is crucial that we recycle all our unwanted PVC items, especially as, as a material, PVC is 100% recyclable.

Like with any other material, when these materials are taken to landfill the offer devastating effects for the environment. Therefore, by disposing of and recycling PVC waste correctly and diverting away from landfill boasts huge benefits for the environment.

PVC Waste Recycling

Our process for recycling PVC is simple; once received onto our picking floor, we meticulously sort the material to separate it from other materials that it is often bound with, e.g. glass for windows. From here it will be shredded into piles and recycled.

There are two main processes for recycling PVC:

Mechanical recycling:

PVC waste is ground into small pieces that can be easily processed into new PVC compounds ready to be melted and formed into new products.

Feedstock recycling:

PVC waste is broken right back down into its chemical molecules, which can be used again to make PVC or other materials.

PVC and PET have the same density and so in the recycling process, a method of plastic sorting is carried out called (X-Ray fluorescence). This procedure detects the chlorine particles collected in PVC it is separated and put in a waste stream these particles however, are not found in PET.

PVC is also recycled through the VinyLoop process, which involves filtering out the complex materials in the plastic (rubbers, metals, textiles, other plastics) using a solvent, grinding it into a PVC granule.

Responsible PVC Recycling

By responsibly recycling your PVC waste with Valley Trading, you decrease the chances of it being filtered to landfill. By recycling, you will help reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions as well as leachate odour.

It is important that all PVC is disposed of properly and put directly in our provided bins and skips and not in plastic sacks or trays because this will affect the recycling process.

Our PVC Recycling Service

At Valley Trading we are wholly committed to providing cost-effective recycling solutions for all our clients. Equipped with a modern and capable fleet we can offer very competitive prices for all waste management solutions.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or PVC recycling methods then please fill in an online quote form. Alternatively, get in touch today to discuss what solution would best suit your requirements.