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In today’s constructed world, plasterboard and its primary material gypsum are prevalent everywhere and up until April 2009 were accepted regularly at landfill sites.

However, since then, research has highlighted the catastrophic effects that these products have environmentally when broken down and incinerated. Resultantly the Environment Agency has specified plasterboard to be segregated from general waste, treated and disposed of separately. In the main, their production of worrying levels of toxic Hydrogen Sulphide was highlighted.

As a result, today, the only commercially viable method to dispose of plasterboard is via more sustainable methods. At Valley Trading, we are proud to ensure complete recycling of all plasterboard that enters our facility.

Plasterboard Recycling

After we receive any plasterboard, it is stored and eventually sent to a plasterboard recycling centre. It is here that facilities are in place to safely break down the plasterboard and gypsum materials to use in recycling processes.

Alternative Uses for Plasterboard

Our speciality plasterboard recycling methods enable all unwanted plasterboard and gypsum waste to be reprocessed into usable, sustainable and environmentally constructive raw materials. These materials are then sold on and used in a range of sectors and for a range of functionalities.

For instance, a large proportion of gypsum based products that enter our recycling facility in Tetbury, go on to be utilised in the cement industry. Indeed, grinding down and reinvested plasterboard into making more plasterboard is an incredibly efficient process and uses substantially less energy than creating plasterboard from scratch. Other examples of alternative uses for recycled plasterboard are animal bedding and being burnt for fuel.

Our Plasterboard Recycling Service

At Valley Trading we are wholly committed to providing cost-effective recycling solutions for all our clients. Equipped with an impressively modern fleet we are able to offer extremely competitive prices for all our waste management and recycling solutions.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or plasterboard recycling services then please fill in an online quote form. Alternatively, get in touch today to discuss what solution would best suit your requirements.



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