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Green waste and garden waste may not strike as materials that require specialist modes of recycling as they are already raw materials. However, when these materials are taken to landfill, like any other waste material, greenhouse gasses, such as methane, are produced. Therefore, by disposing of correctly and diverting away from landfill boasts huge benefits for the environment.

Another important reason why it is extremely irresponsible not to recycle garden and green waste is because landfill sites also produce harmful substances such as leachate. Leachate is a liquid that if mismanaged and not taken seriously can pollute groundwater and waterways when not treated with care.

By recycling your green waste you prevent it going to landfill, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and odour and leachate production. Additionally, by recycling garden waste the potential of its reusability is maximised, and specially crafted recycled compost really can be invaluable. Not only as a soil conditioner, but compost itself greatly improves overall soil structure and boost its biological activity.

Garden and Green Waste Recycling

Our process for recycling all green and garden is simple. Once receiving the material onto our picking floor, we meticulously sort out green waste material to ensure its segregation. From here it will be shredded into piles and sent to our partner recycler in Swindon.

From here the garden waste material will be heated to kill all weeds, seeds and other pathogens, and continually turned over a sixteen-week process. After this time, the material will be tested and sieved to remove any oversized compost items.

Responsible Green Waste Recycling

By responsibly recycling your garden and green waste with Valley Trading, you decrease the chances of it being filtered to landfill. By recycling, you will help reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions as well as leachate odour.

It is important that garden and green waste are disposed properly and put directly in our provided bins and skips and not in plastic sacks or trays because this will affect the recycling process.

When we recycle garden and green waste it is not only better for the environment but the cost of transportation and fuel will eventually become cheaper.

Our Green Waste Recycling Service

At Valley Trading we are wholly committed to providing cost-effective recycling solutions for all our clients. Equipped with an impressively modern fleet we are able to offer extremely competitive prices for all our waste management solutions.

If you would like to find out more information about our waste management solutions, skip hire or garden and green waste recycling methods then please fill in an online quote form. Alternatively, get in touch today to discuss what solution would best suit your requirements.