As you can tell by the name, mini skips are small. Measuring in at 2.5 cubic yards of capacity, they’re the same shape as their bigger cousins, just on a miniature scale. But if they’re so small, how could they possibly be useful?

Jobs for Mini Skip Hire

There’s a surprising number of jobs that suit mini skip hire perfectly – both domestic and commercial.

One of the most common commercial applications for a mini skip is for the disposal of plasterboard, which can’t be mixed with other kinds of waste. Contractors will hire a mini skip as a secondary receptacle for drywall, keeping it separate from other materials for easier processing. A secondary mini skip is sometimes used to clear up general waste produced on site and for a final cleanup once a job is completed.

Why are Mini Skips so Popular for Domestic Projects?

Domestic skip hire customers love mini skips – because they’re usually just the right size for a small DIY job. Also, their low height makes them very easy to fill with little more than a wheelbarrow for assistance. Plus, the small footprint of mini skips means they’ll fit on most driveways with plenty of room left over to park a car. As an added bonus, they’re more cost effective to hire than a full size skip, making them a very attractive proposition indeed.

Garden clearances, bathroom refurbishment and even a small kitchen renovation (where appliances are being kept) could all be completed with a mini skip. And even though 2.5 cubic yards doesn’t sound like a lot, you’d be surprised at what you can fit in there.

Mini Skip Size: What Can You Fit Inside?

Mini skips are deceptively big and you’ll be able to get a lot in there. As an example, think about your bath at home and how much that can hold; a mini skip can hold around twelve times as much. In fact, you can fit around two and a half tons of packed rubble into a mini skip – pretty impressive for the smallest skip in our fleet!

Valley Bags: The Mini Skip Alternative

The newest addition at Valley Trading is our Valley Bag, a flat-packed mini skip alternative that’s got bags of room! Just like other waste bags, Valley Bags can hold a large volume of mixed waste, plasterboard, soil or rubble. They’re for off-road storage only – but their small footprint means that they’ll be easy to get onto a driveway or front yard.

Prices start at just £55* and you can hire your Valley Bag for 2-3 weeks with next day delivery for all orders placed before 12pm!

*Prices depend on the materials to be placed in your Valley Bag.

Mini Skip Hire from Valley Trading

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