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Cage tipper hire from Valley Trading

With Valley Trading, you get an expert waste removal service – no matter if you’re hiring a small skip or our largest roll-on-roll-off container. With a vehicle suitable for
more locations and its temporary nature makes this an ideal solution for a wealth of situations.

For the fastest way to remove all kinds of bulky waste as quickly as possible, caged tipper hire from Valley Trading could be what you’re looking for. We’re here to help
guide you on the best value solution for your next job – so tell us the details in our online quote form, and we’ll give you a tailored waste disposal service that’s right for

What is a caged tipper?

You may have seen one of our caged tippers on the road without realising what you were looking at. A caged tipper looks a little like a pickup truck but has the key
difference that it has an open cage on the back which can be tilted through the use of hydraulic rams to empty it. This means that you get the opportunity to store much
more waste, even if it is uneven or hard to transport in a stable way.

Why use a caged tipper?

Hiring a caged tipper hire has many distinct advantages over other kinds of waste disposal. A caged tipper can be loaded quickly, all the way up to its full volume. The
cage keeps bulky and uneven loads safely stored in transit, meaning the work can be completed for you quickly and cleanly.

Because of the mobile nature of a cage tipper, they can be parked quickly and temporarily just like any other vehicle. This means you have no need to get permits
as you would with other options, and any obstructing would be limited to a shorter time window. Caged tippers don’t just make loading and unloading fast – they can
actually save you money.

If you have a limited access site where it’s not possible for a normal skip vehicle to gain access, a cage tipper is ideal. They also work well for jobs where overnight or
weekend security would be compromised with a skip on site, as the waste is taken away there and then leaving you with nothing to secure.

With caged tipper hire from Valley Trading, the driver will be happy to help you load waste in – included in the price. It’s a great waste disposal option for private households and commercial customers looking for quicker, cheaper, easier waste disposal options.

What can you put in a cage tipper

We’ll take all types of waste, from furniture and electrical appliances to refurbishment waste and garden refuse. Best of all, with our wait and load service,
we’ll not only wait on-site while you load waste in, but we’ll also help you get it in there. Our operators are well trained and highly experienced. Helping you clear the
waste quickly and efficiently.

Our caged tipper trucks can carry up to 3.5 tons – making them a flexible option for the clearance of all kinds of waste. Our vans can handle large jobs the size house
clearance, office clearance, commercial waste collection and bulky waste collection, all the way down to simple rubbish clearance that is bulkier than you want to handle

Aggregate delivery

Our caged tipper isn’t just for waste removal – we can also use it to deliver small quantities of aggregates. Up to 3.5 tons of sand, 20mm ballast, pipe bedding, 20mm
shingle, recycled hardcore, type 1, Cotswold chippings or recycled soil can be delivered to you with our caged tippers.


Caged Tipper Hire Made Simple

At Valley Trading, we always push to give our customers the best possible value. So to make your caged tipper hire decision simple, our team is always available to offer help and advice on which waste disposal service is right for you. Just give us a call on 01666 505800.