Mini Skip Hire: What’s a Mini Skip Good For?

As you can tell by the name, mini skips are small – measuring in at 2.5 cubic yards of capacity. But if they’re so small, how could they possibly be useful?[...]

Where Does All Our Rubbish Go?

We’re all used to throwing rubbish away, sorting our recycling and taking wheelie bins out for collection day – but do you know what happens next? Your rubbish takes a pretty amazing journey once it’s collected: let’s show you where it goes.[...]

How Big is a Roll On Roll Off Skip?

When it comes to serious waste disposal, roll on/roll off skips are the biggest skips of all. Their enormous capacity can handle just about anything – but how big are they, really?[...]

Ditch the Dump – Hire a Skip!

Recycling centres around the UK are now open, but local authorities are urging people to stay away – long queues could mean further coronavirus infections.[...]