When it comes to serious waste disposal, roll on/roll off skips are the biggest skips of all. Their enormous capacity can handle just about anything – but how big are they, really?

15 Yard, 20 Yard and 40 Yard RORO Skips

There are several different sizes of RORO skips to hire from Valley Trading – each measured in cubic yards, like other skip sizes. While any size of RORO skip will be bigger than your average builder’s skip, how big are they in comparison?

15 Cubic Yards

At the lower end of the scale, a 15 cubic yard RORO skip is the smallest size we have available at Valley Trading. That’s still the equivalent of 70 bathfuls of water – or 200 beer kegs. Or even 1,000 basketballs!

That’s an awful lot of waste!

In slightly more realistic real terms – one of our 15 yard RORO skips is capable of holding around 12 tonnes of rubble, soil and stone. The open top makes it ideal for use with a grab or digger.

20 Cubic Yards

An extra five yards of volume might not seem like a big bump, but our 20 yard RORO skip could pack in another 500 basketballs on top of the 15 yard skip! In real terms, that’s a total of 15 tonnes of bulky waste – but at five feet tall, earthmoving equipment or a grab arm is the only recommended way of filling one of these huge skips.

40 Cubic Yards

When you need the biggest, most secure and yet convenient way to store and transport bulky waste, the biggest skip in our fleet is the only answer. At eight feet tall, our 40 yard RORO skip is fitted with full size doors for walk-in access and site security.

Just how much could you fit in a 40 yard RORO skip?

You could comfortably pack in 1,000,000 marshmallows, half a million golf balls or 50,000 large cups of coffee. At eight feet wide and 20 feet long, you could easily play a game of table tennis, or comfortably get through a game on a standard pub pool table. 

You could drive a Range Rover Vogue into one with plenty of room to spare – you could even park a 15-foot, military spec Humvee in there. In short, there’s no bigger skip than a 40 yard RORO!

Why Would Anyone Need a Skip That Big?!

If you’re asking, a RORO skip is probably not the right skip for you. Major projects like full home renovations, demolitions and site clearance are the main reasons for hiring a RORO skip. 

Storage on-site and off road is essential, as is grab hire or earthmoving equipment to load waste in. 40 yard RORO skips can be accessed through their doors, meaning wheelbarrow access is an option and security on site is enhanced – but for maximum capacity, lifting equipment and top loading is advised.

For the biggest jobs in construction and demolition, a RORO skip is a must. Multiple ROROs can be used in tandem, with regular collections to keep waste moving. This allows for highly efficient, continued operations – even when one skip is at capacity.

RORO Skip Hire

For more information on our RORO skip hire and waste management services, please contact us today – call 01666 505800 or email us at info@valleytrading.co.uk.