After a solid week of festivities, unwrapping gifts, eating and drinking, Christmas bin collections feel like they’ll never come. But there’s a whole host of advantages to hiring a skip over Christmas beyond having somewhere to store all that rubbish. So, what should you know before you get skip hire for the holidays?

The Benefits of Skip Hire at Christmas

Christmas and New Years’ could be the perfect time to plot a clean slate. You could have a clearout to make room for all those new Christmas presents, finally sort some of those odd jobs out over the extra bank holidays – or get a guest room ready for having family around.

It’ll be around to help clean up after the festivities, so you won’t have to worry about overstuffing your bins with skip-friendly waste.

Having a skip over the Christmas holidays lets you get more done as it happens – and even gives you a handy way of disposing of your Christmas tree once the new year rolls in!

Are there Restrictions to Skip Hire at Christmas Time?

Many skip hire companies shut down over Christmas, which could limit your window to hire a skip – but if you get your order in with a little time to spare, this shouldn’t post a problem.

It’s important to remember that skip hire permits do have limits, which depend on your local authority, and these can change over the Christmas period. This will only apply if your skip is being stored on a public road; if you’re planning to keep it on your own property (for example, on your driveway), you won’t need to worry about permits.

Even if you do need a permit, when you hire a skip from Valley Trading, we will arrange the permit for you – so we’ll let you know exactly how the Christmas period will affect your skip hire.

Christmas Waste

Wrapping paper, packaging, old Christmas trees, Christmas cards – for all the joy that Christmas brings, it also creates an awful lot of waste. Recycling is the best solution for the waste generated over the festive period, but not everything can be recycled.

Artificial Christmas trees are made of a combination of materials, and their complex construction means they can’t be recycled. They do tend to last for several years, but studies show that you’d need to keep your plastic tree for ten years before it became better for the environment than a real tree.

Real trees can be recycled easily, and are often shredded into compost. This can vastly reduce carbon emissions; as the trees grow, they absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Once used and shredded, they retain the carbon and transfer it into the next generation of plants instead of releasing it back into the air.

At Valley Trading, we’re proud to be reducing landfill with advanced waste management, sorting and recycling methods. We’ll continue to maximise our recycling efforts for life; not just for Christmas!

Skip Hire over Christmas

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