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01666 505800

By their very nature tyres are difficult to dispose of. This is because they are designed to withstand huge amounts of pressure, weight and heat from friction when you are driving along.

Although such design means that tyres do remain intact without breaking down for decades, when they do start to decompose their elements give off harmful chemicals and if in landfill can produce leachate; a harmful and potentially toxic waste liquid that infects surrounding environments and can contaminate groundwater.

The main concern with the non-compliant disposal of tyres is centred around the harmful additives used in their processing and manufacture; sulphur, lead, and zinc being three. These chemicals when un controlled and managed can result in disastrous environmental consequences as well as being potentially dangerous to human health.

Our Tyre Recycling Service

At Valley Trading, we provide a fully licenced tyre recycling service. To find out more about our tyre recycling processes please visit our tyre recycling page.

If you are disposing of tyres, as they are a hazardous waste product, it is very important that you alert us to this fact before we collect your skip.

Tyre Disposal at Valley Trading

We are a fully licenced tyre disposal site and can collect any unwanted tyres or receive them directly at our transfer station.

To facilitate the correct disposal of tyres, we can supply all sizes of skips and RO/ROs. 

If you are looking to dispose of any unwanted tyres, it is of huge importance that you contact us first so that we can prepare for their delivery.

Tyre Disposal via ‘Wait & Load’ service

We also offer a ‘Wait & Load’ service for all hazardous waste via our caged tipper service.

We always ensure a reliable and prompt collection service.

If you would like to discuss our tyre disposal options in more detail or are looking for some free hazardous disposal advice call us on 01666 505800 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our team.


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Skips placed on public roads and footpaths require a permit.

Please call us on 01666 505800 for all licences and permits.