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Difficulties Identifying Asbestos

One of the most common forms of asbestos is on asbestos cement. This material unfortunately is notoriously challenging to identify. This is because alternatives to asbestos cement were introduced in the 1980s, but with little differentiation in design. Unless signalled via an identifier mark, it is usually nigh impossible for untrained persons to identify whether a sheet of concrete contains asbestos or not. Indeed, in many cases, even a professional will not know until a sample has been tested.

Because of these difficulties, it is crucial that all materials thought to potentially contain asbestos must be treated as hazardous waste. This is because all unwanted asbestos must be disposed of correctly and in line with all existing regulations and asbestos regulations.

Identifying Asbestos

Identifying asbestos is something that many will claim to be able to do, but few have the necessary training and experience. In order to accurately identify asbestos-containing materials (ACM) there are many factors that need to be considered.

At Valley Trading our trained experts have specialist training and many years of experience and we are able to accurately identify all types of asbestos and advise on the best course of removal and disposal.

Asbestos Identification and  Disposal at Valley Trading

We are a fully licenced asbestos disposal site for cement bonded asbestos waste. Meaning we can collect all unwanted waste asbestos or receive it directly at our transfer station in Tetbury.

We can also undertake asbestos identification and testing for you that is fully aligned with the latest asbestos regulations.

To facilitate the correct disposal of asbestos, we can supply all sizes of skips and RO/ROs or safe asbestos disposal from a mini skip to an enclosed 35-yard skip. For small quantities of asbestos, we can supply a bag and collect separately by van or with your general waste skip.

If you are looking to dispose of any hazardous asbestos waste, it is of huge importance that you contact us first so that we can prepare correctly for either the collection or delivery of any asbestos. For more information please see our attached Leaflet or call us directly on 01666 505800.

 We always ensure a reliable and prompt collection service.

If you would like to discuss our asbestos disposal options in more detail or want some free asbestos disposal advice call us on 01666 505800 to discuss your specific requirements with one of our team.



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