Your Guide To The History Of The Skip

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The skip has become an essential item for those clearing their home or place of business of unwanted clutter and it has an interesting backstory.

Here are 5 little-known facts about the skip that you can churn out to impress your friends:

1. The skip first came to Britain in the swinging 60s

It was during the height of legendary bands like The Beatles in the 1960’s that skips first appeared on British shores which coincided with recycling in the UK becoming routine. They were imported from Germany, leading nicely onto our next fact…

2. The Germans came up with the familiar skip placing

It has become customary for a skip to be delivered to and placed at the front of a property or commercial building and it was the Germans who first came up with this novel concept.

3. Skips originally came in one standard size

At Valley Trading we supply skips in a variety of sizes, from 2yd skips to 35/40yd RO/RO skips, but the first skips traditionally measured between 5-6 cubic yards.

4. The cost of the first skips was surprisingly expensive

Skips were initially the preserve of the rich as they cost £5, with a further 3 shillings daily rental charge. That may not seem like a lot, but it was back in those days. You also had to pay an extra 7 shillings for the waste to be transferred to a nearby landfill.

5. Yellow has always been the standard colour

In the 1970’s, the Highways Act determined that skips should all be yellow coloured to make them prominent during the hours of darkness. This ruling has been relaxed since, but those skips not in the conventional yellow have to be appropriately lit and marked.

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