As climate action protests mount across the globe, another parallel war is being waged against waste – particularly plastic waste. In Swindon, a new recycling scheme hopes to “get it sorted”.

What’s the Scheme?

The new household waste recycling scheme requires residents in Swindon to spend a little more time sorting their recycling. The current system only allows plastics in a clear bag, with all other recyclable materials placed in a recycling box.
Collection crews take bags and boxes from the roadside and sort it into different categories there and then. Bottles go in one section, cans in another, paper and cardboard in another.

Back at the recycling depot, all the waste is deposited in huge piles of different types of materials before being sorted, bundled, compacted and then sent on to be recycled.

Now, people will need to use two boxes for their recyclables. By splitting recycling up further, the process can be made more efficient and less wasteful of resources. Teams will spend less time and fuel collecting and sorting items by the side of the road, and collections will be much faster.

It’s in an attempt to improve the recycling rate in Swindon, which fell to just 30% last year – far lower than the 50% target set nationally. By getting people more involved with recycling, the local council hopes to reduce the habit of throwing away materials that can be recycled into general waste.

The scheme in Swindon is much tamer than those in other European countries – like Sweden, where a “zero waste” policy is enforced. It’s resulted in Sweden sending less than 1% of household waste to landfill every year since 2011.

Leading Swindon Skip Hire from Valley Trading

At Valley Trading, we’re helping Swindon recycle more, too.

Our business focus is to reduce as much waste as possible with efficient recycling. Valley Trading’s Swindon skip hire services contribute to our own 95% recycling rate, and we’re always improving the way we recycle and manage waste.

Unlike household waste recycling, our skip hire in Swindon can process DIY waste and building materials, which we make into aggregates, sands and other useful construction products. This reduces the reliance on quarries and mining, helping our planet to recover.

Find out more about how we’re working to reduce landfill, quarrying, toxic waste and greenhouse gasses.

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