01666 505800

01666 505800

At Valley Trading we offer a range of flexible waste collection services. One such service is our highly popular ‘Wait & Load’ service. Operating via our small load cage tippers, as the name suggests, this service involves us loading while you wait.

If you have or know you will have a pile of waste that will need immediate collection then this service can prove to be a far more efficient option to more traditional skip or bin hire.

Over the years, Valley Trading has invested heavily in acquiring a modern fleet of vehicles. Included in this fleet is a range of small load cage tippers. Able to carry 7.5 tonnes of waste, out ‘Wait & Load’ service offers four main benefits:

Money saving! If your only option is to place the skip on the road, the ‘Wait & Load’ service can save you money on a permit and parking bay suspension fees.

Time saving! The driver or drivers can assist in loading the vehicles with you.

Improves Access! The caged tipper is ideal for limited access sites where it’s not possible for a normal skip vehicle to gain access.

Improves Safety! The ‘Wait and Load’ caged tipper service is ideal where safety or security concerns mean it is not possible to leave unattended skips overnight or at weekends.

Our ‘Wait & Load’ caged tipper waste removal service includes rubbish clearance, junk removal, house clearance, office clearance, commercial waste collection, WEEE recycling and bulky waste collection. We take all types of waste, from furniture and electrical appliances to refurbishment waste and garden refuse.

Currently, we can provide a caged tipper ‘Wait & Load’ service throughout Gloucestershire and to the Bath, Bristol and Swindon areas.

If you want to find out more information on our cage tippers or ‘Wait & Load’ service

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